Box Hill - Arundel Sun 25th Feb

Hi Guys,

Planning ahead - I am going to plan a good long ride out for this day, lunch at the Black Rabbit, Arundel then onto who knows where?!?

This is forecast for the weekend

Looks bit showery, but do-able. Weather forecasts are so wrong at the moment anyway - prob be a hurricane by Sunday

Any interest?

I’d love to but I’m hosting my Anne Sumers party with the ladies early that evening.

Another time though

Could be a go-er that one, will depend on weather, and if we can make it a lunch-ish time start - got a house party sat night…

Bum, yet another ride I can’t make. Stuck inside sweaty Crystal Palace pool with my small fish doing a gala. But I’ll be thinking about you lot whizzing around the countryside…

I know I’m gonna sound like JP now, but I cant make this one (I’m moving soon & got to start packing)


I am going to the Anne Summers Party…


Ride my bike… Get a toy

Ride my bike… Get a toy

Ride my bike… Get a toy

You know what I have a Python I dont need a toy…

  • I’d ride the bike, but would love to see all the girls again…

So is it possible to do it on another day???

A word to the wise, book a table at the Rabbit as they refused to serve outside and it was packed out by 1pm - so we grabbed a drink and moved on.

May be around for this one as the girls party is on later in the day and AJ is doen for that so will be at a lose end - will be on me CB500 though as have sold the kwak and the bm’er does not arrive for a few more weeks yet. Will let you know nearer the time if thats ok as may sort my boat out instead!!


That’s lame mate!


Cheers for the head’s up re:Rabbit - may skip lunch there if gonna be a prob.


Will do another one specially for you - very soon after - it’s a lovely run, and think we all enjoy doing it again - with a few different routes thrown in!

What about Saturday 24th, then the girls who are coming to my place Sunday can make it. I for one really want to come out to play.

Why not both weekends? Problem solved! Now to do the good weather dance…

That’s the idea!!

Now where did I leave that chicken!?!

I could be keen but bear in mind that I’ll need a hand parking the big red bus again

Stand clear - ‘Viffer’ reversing

“beep beep beep, this vehicle is reversing”

Cheeky Grim

Hold tight…DIng ding…Passes ready for inspection please…

Humm Keti - 24th and 25th on different weekends???!!??

Only prob with saturday is the rugby…Sunday is a better day for me…

I meant two weekends running, but it came out wrong. Foreignness, don’t shoot me

i cant do either, boohoo!!!xxx

Ack gonna have to miss sunday, looks like sat night is turning into a biggie…wont be in a fit state to leg it round arundel…sorry mate…

Not a good idea to be talking about a pub called the Rabbit and an Anne Summer’s party in the same thread