Bowling Night Saturday 9th Feb

Saturday the 9th Feb 2008Lanes booked for 7pm

It will be at the Heathrow BowlThis one

4 people to a Lane

3 Games = approx 2hours
£26.00 per hr per lane.
3 games = 2 hours= £52.00 per lane

I 'm Booking 8 lanes on monday 28th jan

Thats 30 people
Thats £13 each person

This includes shoe hire

There’s a deposit of £90, thats £3 per person which will need to be collected this weekend, I will collect it at the Ace on friday night or I’ll pop down the Ace sunday morning (I’ll stick up a time) :slight_smile:

There’s a McDonalds and a Licenced Bar there :cool:

Try to be there for 18.30 :slight_smile:

It’s Booked :slight_smile:

The List

1. Tug

2. Ang

3. Mark

4. Andyp

5. Chris

6. Grim

7. Debz

8. Dee

9. Rob

10. Curtis

11. JasonB

12. Mad Scientist

13. Smiled

14. Yslart

15. Dannyboy

16. Elad

17. Sean

18. Christine

19. Ben3579640876

20. Sherrie

21. Ginger

22. In4theFrills

23. Ryan

24. Terry


26. Nuts

27. Loopy

28. Flatout

29. Powderpuffgirl

30. Puff’s mate

So there’s empty space’s if anyone else wants to go :slight_smile:

1st come basis :wink:

Anyone that want to meet up and go there from the Ace, I will be leaving at 18.00 come fueled up :slight_smile:

We are up for it :stuck_out_tongue: and the Bowling :stuck_out_tongue:Terry-Moto

Grim, Debz, Dee and Rob

Family outing :DThink Tug will be there again with his name on the back of his shirt and own bowling ball, defending his crown, just hope he’s got over the dizziness he’s having since getting his tat done :smiley:

Last time Tugs arm was all strapped up too. Is Was he proffessional once?:smiley:

Just a thought, isn’t Heathrow a bit far out for most people?

I went to Bloomsbury Bowl with work a couple of months back, it’s kitted out like a 50’s diner/alley and we had a great laugh! :smiley:

Although to be fair I don’t know what parking is like, I would probably go by tube so I could have a few beers, but I’m guessing none too good, so if that’s a factor I’ll shut up! :wink:

Yep we’re up for it too… and the bowling ;):w00t: (its getting like an orgy)


Grim, Debz, Dee and Rob

Ang & Mark


Grim, Debz, Dee and Rob

Ang & Mark


Sounds good to me


Grim, Debz, Dee and Rob

Ang & Mark curtis

Jasonb AKA Kingpin:cool:

Sounds good or you adding your name? :P;)

why up by heathrow?

Probably cos that’s where we went last time.


Grim, Debz, Dee and Rob

Ang & Mark curtis

Jasonb AKA Kingpin

Mad scientist

I’ll come, is this bowls indoor or outdoor ? I guess it doesn’t matter, still use the same balls, yes ?

Indoor means bigger balls :wink: We had a great time last time :cool:

I have trouble getting my hands round the big balls :w00t:

Funny that I have trouble gettin me fingers in the small holes:)

:D:D:D:D A tight fit’s good all round

There is a :wink: missing from my last pst but you bunch of smut merchants wouldn’t have noticed that :smiley:

yep…im cumming;)…by the way…i want to be called THUNDERBALL…on the night please:D


Grim, Debz, Dee and Rob

Ang & Mark curtis

Jasonb AKA Kingpin

Mad scientist

add your namesmiled:D.

  1. Andyp & chris


  1. Grim, Debz, Dee and Rob

  2. Ang & Mark

  3. curtis

  4. Jasonb AKA Kingpin

  5. Mad scientist