Bovvered Section

As you know Jay’s been looking at the forums we have on LB and as a result we’ve decided to close off the bovvered section.

That’s not to say people can’t be getting bovvered about stuff anymore it’s just that not as many people are bovvered as before so it’s best for this stuff to be mixed in with more general topics.

Bovvered! :smiley:

It was a **** idea anyway and it was spelt wrong, but then so was all the the replies of advice

OH FLATS YOUR SUCH A BIATCH!:D, it was a bit crap:D

I thought it was OK and quite funny in places.

If you are being picky I think you will find it’s “were”;):smiley:

AWWWWWWW dont be like that… :wink:

Just hurry up and get get that Baylis Rep finished;)

or you could just stop being a prize P R I C K simon!!!

hahahahahahhahahahaha :doze: nice one

think somebody is gonna have a full mail box with questions each time she signs on