WHAT A FLIPPIN FANTASTIC FILM!! Has anyone else seen this??? i think i’ll have to go back to the flix next weekend and watch it all over again i enjoyed it so much

Yep, great film. Watched it the other day at the cinema. Also great the DVD SCR are available all over the net - can re-watch if necessary as many times as poss…

Ill save you the money iv seen all the films even before they were out and ok quality aswell evan almighty is a must watch.

Yes, Foxy and I went to see it on Friday, GREAT film, loved it, just what the doctor ordered

Thanks for the link…though i didnt get a look in as the kids have just sat and watched the simpsons movie! Guess i’ll be wathing the bourne tonight instead

np mate i was just browseing and pop there it was and now iv saved it as home page its updated daily with all the new films why pay money to go and sit in a room with other people you dont know and have sticky feet when you can sit at home with a beer and see it for free WITH LB IN THE BACKGROUND of course