Bought Some Extras

Needs a little work but its better spending £26 on this and getting it repaired/resprayed, rather then spending £100-250 on a seat cowl that probably won’t match the colour.

Something to tidy up the back with Just need to get some indicators sorted out for it and also some for the front.

So all thats left now is to get the fairings, tank and nose cone sorted out and it will look very nice

Good stuff. Look forward to seeing it on your bike.

This’ll be the cash from the 10D already gettin spent, no ?

single seat unit will look the dogs. No doubt there.


Looks good, keep us posted on how the painting of the tail goes, I love step-by-step posts.

Turns out the tail unit was sold by a member here called Savoury, so thanks mate

Small-world eh!

Good luck with the paint and transformation. Will wait to see pictures or in the flesh.

I’ve not hurd from the guy with the under tray yet so getting a little annoyed

Looking forward to seeing the single seat unit and undertray on your bike mate!

Are you going white at the back…can’t remember?

Same as Jay, would be cool to see some pics of the process.

Just got an e-mail from the guy selling the undertray and was told it will be here wednesday

Yep the rear end is going white, will probably go with the black sticker kit from the red/black CBR FS or maybe do something diffrent?

Yep of course there will be photos of every step

I might have some indicators that will work well on that…

Sorry about the large image.

I can have a look tonight to see if I still have the other pair that I was going to put on the front, although have different plans for front now.


oops, multiple post

Thanks Swaffs, but there not really my cup of tea.

Well the parts have arived and I’m quite excited about getting these painted up and on the bike

The undertray looks really nice and the job that was done on the seat unit is quite good and just needs a little fixing here and there then a respray





I recognise that seat unit. Hope it works out ok mate, like I said with a bit of filler and a spray it should look good. I bought it last year but never got round to doing it, decided to buy the Gixxer instead

Thanks mate my dads asking one of his friends if they can fix it up a little and spray it white