bought one of these recently , never go anywhere with out it now

it comes with co2 cartridges and you can get replacements off ebay , i got a box of 25 for less than a tenner …

Sticky Worms are said to work better than mushrooms;)

Sticky worms?

The CO2 cannisters are a waste of space. They will do about 5psi if your lucky. I did repair for someone stranded on M1 last summer, and after three of them the tyre pressure was 13psi. Best thing is to get a bicycle pump.

They are only meant to give you enough inflation to get you mobile enough to reach a petrol station;)

I know, but his tyre should have been 46psi and the tyre was totally squished, and the nearest service station on the M1 was 17 miles away. Not sure I would be comfortable riding along the M1 at 40mph with a mostly flat tyre.

That’s why I carry a pump in the topbox. :blush:

never had any problems with co2 , don’t just use one , i use 3 and it’s perfectly ridable

but only if they are made by HARIBO ! …lol …