Bought my first Bike Ahhhhhhhhhhh

Didn’t get the Yamaha YBR Custom I wanted as dealer say’s its not due in till late June so wouldn’t be on it till early to mid August. Thats no good. So Ahhhhhh bought a Suzuki Marauder 125 Shiny New Black one. I’m getting it Wednesday Yippee. :DSorry if I’m making a big deal out of this but I’m so excited and wanted to share :hehe:

I don’t drive a car so this is an opportunity for me to finally get mobile, two daughters off hand now and I can at last have some freedom. I can’t believe this all started when I went along with my youngest daughter to be company for her whilst she did her CBT back in Feb. Then we did the Theory together and At that point I never really believed I would ever have the opportunity to get a bike of my own. It was all just to get Daughter mobile. :w00t: AND OH MY GOD I HAVE A NEW MARAUDER COMING Ahhhhhhhh

Sorry I’m just a bit excited:D

Telling self off: " behave calm down your 49 not 9, stop jumping around the room your break your hip. O s*d it AHHHHHHH":D:D:D:hehe::crazy:

HUSBAND: :rolleyes:

Fantastic feeling - and enjoy!

congrats on the new purchase, s’like christmas but with colder weather :smiley:

have fun on the new bike :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Though the next week or so’s waiting is going to be a pain! :smiley:

Pain would be an understatement, I’m not known for my patience:)

congrats and enjoy it, stop jumping around the room…ya trip over zimmer and do yourself a mischief :D:D:D

Sounds great , and black is always the faster colour :smiley:

Yo ujust need a bigger one :D:D



we need pics!!!

you will have so much fun, dont be scared, be wary, as the more you ride the less you will worry, as yur riding will improve with miles under ya belt.




Loved your post.

I remember getting my first bike and it is ridiculously exciting. So’s the second one, the third, the fourth . . . Love 'em!

Enjoy every moment. :slight_smile:

every day will feel like christmas eve night until you get it. enjoy, its a great feeling.

Wow I’m so jealous. That is one Pretty Pretty bike Looks like a Dragstar Yes?

Nice one niffer hope you enjoy it ride safe


Thanks for all the support everyone. I will get some pics on Wednesday. My brother is going to collect it from the dealers on his bike trailer, so I dont have to tackle riding it through major traffic in town. Still so excited and Sh***ing myself about getting on it just incase I mess up big time. Then I may be posting pics of very broken/scratched bike. No I won’t think like that, all is going to go really well and I won’t stall it and make myself look a right twit. well maybe I will :hehe:

This is so much fun I hope I never grow up.

Oh and steveCBR11XX I wonder if I can mangle my zimmer into an engine guard, now there’s an idea.:smiley:

Not a Dragstar, it’s the dragstar’s big brother XV1600 wildstarIan

have fun on your new bike :smiley:

you will love it .