Bought bloody time!!

Hi all

I really should have joined this forum years ago but hay ho better late than never :D…

Im sure I will know a fair few of you on here as I use to work at Harpers in Forestgate and designed a stack of wolf leathers for a number of London Bikers forum members over the years…

I have just come back to London after a year in the Caribbean and can honestly say im cold :), but I am looking forward to getting some trackdays in next year…

I have over a decade’s worth of experience in the bike trade so hope I can be some help to someone???

Roll on 2011


Welcome dude

You could always make some more leathers :slight_smile:

Sadly mate I have come back to a dead industry and with the London shop now closed I dont think it will be a option.

I really can’t believe how hard up the motorcycle trade is at the moment…

Was about to say ‘How did you buy time?’
But then I read you post (not just the title) and decided not to take the ****, as you helped me in the past with a nice pair of bespoke Wolf trousers.

Welcome to LB :smiley:


Aw that’s a shame I need some new ones or a whole head of work done thanks to a crash!

Itll pick up in Afew years

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi welcome to LB:D

I may well be doing a few days at the London motorcycle show with Harpers Southend and as the production unit is still there if anyone wants to get a suit made be it pants jacket or 1pc I could do the tailoring at the show and get Phil to send it to you direct from Southend…

Just a thought…

Now that does sound good I’ll be needing a new 2 piece for summer

Show price for a 2pc was always around 300-400 quid and I would do any tailoring and colour change for free… I tell you what I will do let me speak to Phil and asking what his margins will be as I have no idea what has happened to leather prices over the last 12months, if admin allow I will do a thread with prices and possibly a special discount if you quote your London Bikers name or something like that…

You the man thanks alot

Welcome To LondonBikers Mate & That’d Be Great on the Leathers as i’ll be needing a enw set for the summer myself.