Bought An Aplinestars RC-1 Jacket...

Bought a leather jacket in the biggest size that Hein G do which is a 58 and whilst it fits great round the waist etc but its pretty tight round the shoulders and arms.

This is the 1st leather jacket I’ve had so are they meant to be like that & will be better when the leather supples up a bit or should I take it back and find something else? I love the jacket just a shame it feels a bit tight & doesnt really feel too comfortable on the bike - looked on a few websites and a 58 seems to be the biggest everyone does! Im not skinny but Im not massive :stuck_out_tongue:

Any help would be appreciated!


thyre meant to be fitted , will probably stretch a bit as you wear it more .
but leathers are never gunna be that comfortable

I was told they will give by about half a size, mine did eventually feel quite comfortable.

yes it should stretch slightly, my Dainese one did…:slight_smile:

Er…crate of slimfast ? :slight_smile:

Ha ha could try but I dont think it’ll shrink my shoulders

Cheers for the replys, been wearing it for most of the day and Im kind of getting used to it now plus I suppose all the armour will mould itself and it’ll feel better once its been worn for a bit :slight_smile: