the pipes dude! they are shiny!:D:D

you could do this:D

do wha?? cant see it!?

Oooh that looks tasty Ratsta;)

Bet it sounds nice:D

Like the bike, pity they didnt have that in there a few months ago!!!
Live across the road from a branch of Johns and bought my last 2 bikes from them, no probs at all! :smiley:

Nah. Leave it as it is. It looks really sweet.
And everybody knows blue is the fastest colour anyway :hehe:

hahahah they had it a while! i see it few weeks back, month or so ago, beofre my op, soon as i was fit enough to leave teh house i rang them to see if teh still got it…took me 3-4 weeks or more to decide tho!!:w00t::smiley:

heheheh you know its sounds nice!:D:D

love it love it LOVE IT!!!

this is my training before i commit to trying to tame a TL1000S:D

thank god you didn`t get the r6. u have gained mucho mucho respect for owning this beast of a bike m8

I’d have seriously considered that if they’d had it when i was looking for a new bike. Well pleased with my 636 tho! :smiley:

Just had another look at the pics - twin pipes too, get then fookin baffles out and pummel some eardrums :w00t:

nah it’s got one to many :D:D

Lovely … Enjoy :smiley:

nice shiny bike…:smiley: happy riding mate

She’s testing you (like some girls do in a new relationship) to see if you are committed. She’ll probably never go wrong once you get her back.

:D:D:D:D:D:cool::cool::cool::D:D:w00t: dont gimme ideas¬¬¬!!

a good way of looking at it, i do hope so!:smiley:

Lovely bike R46! I bet it sounds fantastic wiv those cans! ;):cool:

Whoo-hoo that’s a bit tasty Ratty, looks very nice indeed. Can’t wait to see / hear it. :w00t: