hey all…

i bought my self a new toy today…an 03 SV1000S…:D:D:D:D love it! rode home on it, al was fine bike felt lovely SOOOOOO much power!!!, stopped at a shop, came out started her up and…FI light…BORROX!!! so went back to shop where its now being fixed, free of charge on obviously…and i have an 05 GS500 as a loan biek till mine is fixed, so bit humpy but all good cos the fellas have sorted me some wheels!

big up johns of romford!


Hehe. Nice one! Looks like a very tidy grown up version of your other one :wink:

Glad to hear you choose a bike with a proper motor configuration again :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet:D so you wont be wanting to borrow the scoot after all lol:P

lovely bike Ratty :slight_smile:

The V Twin massive will be pleased ;):smiley:

nah i wont deny ya yah fun on the scoot wasp ya nutter!

love ya for the offer of borrowing it tho:D:D

tis tidy, it has quite few miles on it, but its been looked after, and has lots of added parts, hoses, pipes, belly pan, bungs, tail tidy, hugger, rad/oil cooler covers, seat pod, powerbronze screen tis niiice!

its the the throttle bodies that are playing up, as much as it has annoyed me a bit, i would rather it happen now than in 6 months time:D

ta hun, i would have been out on it tonite too :frowning: but hey…at least i didnt drop it!:smiley:

indeed…for The General is back!:smiley: long live da VEE massive…iiiiiiiiiiiiight:P

Great Bike for a great price , nice one dude :cool:

Very nice, good to see you’re not deserting the v twin massive:)

we’ll have to get another ride organized in spring:P looks really lovely though. take a good look at the bike when you get it back though my brother had a few bad experiances with johns of romford.

defo! tis nice mate…the power! jeeeeez! i have a feeling wheelies are gonna just ‘happen’:smiley:

i cant knock em mate, they have took it in, found the problem and are sorting it, and its not gonna be cheap and they are covering the costs…plus they have loaned me a bike, cant ask no more, thats what a good dealer does, i even went into the workshop and the guys showed me what was wrong with it.

to be honest tehy seemed a bit embarssed that i had come back with a problem.

honestly i cant knock em, they have been very very good about it.:slight_smile:

i see you’ve moved up to number 1 now i’ll have to claim 2 then

Looks sweet Rats, you leaving it Blue? Some sweet decals would set it off. :smiley:

Nice looking bike, you just need some chrome on it now :D:D

Nice to see you back on a bike


very nice looking rats, shame its got 2 cylinders missing mate :smiley:

Nice piece of kit there fell, looking forward to a go !

indeed…what logos/decals tho??

Niiiice! :smiley:

That looks like a very tidy bike. Can’t wait to hear it!

Good to have you back, sah!

man it sounds the nuts!! havent even heard it baffle free yet:D but come wednesday it will be…BM will be rocking!:w00t:

i just spoke to the shop, they will have it ready for tuesday:D