Bought a GSX-R 400 Slingshot. Thus making a tidy £400 on my last bike:)

Got my 400cc now. Well chuffed.
I’ll keep that and just have it listed lol. As u probably know this ent exactly the one I want, cuz I was looking for an SV, buy they ent in my range yet. So effectively this is a stepping stone. I can either try and sell this for more, or use it as a bit of a stepping stone, as not many ppl swap for a 125. Also the 400 off this can be save and if I sell this and make annova £400 I’ll have £400 from nowhere really. Cool. Inscrease my budget for free. Oh well Bye.

Neway, I dnt wna kill it, how do you put bobbins on a bike? Will it take 2 ppl? I dno

nice one post some pics…as for mushrooms depends on whether u need to cut into the fairing

hi m8, good start and a good intro into the world of suzuki slingshots, lol.

Bobbins, your a bit limited cos they didnt really make me for the older bike, i got the wheel 1s on my 1100 slingshot and i think you could prob get the 1s that bolt onto the to side bolts on the lump, mainly for bandits. you might not be able to due to the size/width of the engine.

Anyway, get over to now you got the bike.

bluddy good choice mate…good choice…

that bike is bullet proof and the more you take care of her…the more she’ll do the same to you…

if you got any questions please feel free to contact me…or rocker or sickpup…we’ve all got em…and we’ve all had our fair share of experiences with them im sure…so get on it and enjoy what she’s got to offer mate…

welcome to the slingshot club mate…and be safe…


Nice bike! good luck and good choice…perfect starter - pillions totally depend on who they are - they need to be small (less than 11 st and 5ft10 probably) and probably should have ridden on the back before, cos that seat is small and no grabrails!

And his new bike has got the hyacinth bu’cket syndrome, keeps kicking him off cos he parks the new 1 next to the old 1, lol.