Bought a bike off eBay

vulture more like… Were watching you terry! your moves havent gone un-noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

It has been known for gangs to put adverts up of desirable bikes and car at knock down prices to a.) pull you in and b.) hope that you bring the cash with you.

You can guess what happens when you turn up - happened in CRoydon last month and was in the regional TV news too.

If you go - only go with a small deposit £100 - no more.

Bought my ZZR1100 on Ebay. Travelled from Budapest to Calais to collect. (seller brought it over on the ferry) Obviously, I had only seen pics so was a bit worried, mainly due to having to pay for the bike in full plus delivery of 100quid up front. Got to Calais and couldn’t believe it when I saw it… Misdescribed big time…It was easily twice as good as I expected - looked 2 years old max…Shook hands with the seller and rode it 1000 miles…Brilliant bike (which might be looking for a new home4):slight_smile:

yup, got my GSXR off ebay - good deal too!

only saw it on collection - cash only
was a 400mile round trip though!

Got my Honda VF750F off of ebay for a bit of a bargain. Didn’t go and view it pre-bidding even though it was only about 15 miles away as I knew these bikes have issues and am stripping and rebuilding it before I go any distance on it anyway.

Turned out better than expected :slight_smile: Had been well cared for despite it’s mature years.

Probabaly wouldn’t sell a bike on ebay though due the hassle of inane questions and non payers. And the bloomin fees seem to be skyrocketing.

have bought 3 bikes off e-bay my first a cb500 then a gixxer then lately an SV650, never had a problem. The SV needed a little work on the brakes but was a bargain anyway. A friend of mine bought a gixxer from auto trader, it looked good rode well and was fine until one day during a random police road check he discovered to his horror the engine was stolen! consequently had the bike confiscated and spent the evening being grilled in Ilford nick!! :w00t:

Nuts, I may be too late for you, you’ve probably bought something by now. But…

I bought my VTR from a guy advertising on ebay, but I made sure that he was happy to let me take it for a test ride before making a decision. As he had made a note on the ebay listing that the bike was advertised elswhere so he could remove it at any time, he did a deal with me for a couple of hundred quid cheaper than he was advertising it for.

It can be worth sending the owner an email rather than bidding and waiting for the auction to end. But that’s what auctions are all about, you could wait 'till the end and get more of a bargain.