Bought a bike off eBay

Bought anything? Good/bad experiences? Would you bid for something just from the description e.g you have not gone and looked it over?

I’ve spotted one which is close to me, only about 20 miles away. Seems legit, has vehical registration bit filled in. Lots of pics. He has Independent Vehacal Inspection ‘Yes’. He says ‘any inspection welcome (no test pilots though)’ so I emailed him. No reply. Sent another to say I would want to see it before bidding. Nothing.

He has 0 feedback so obviously I’m not going to bid, but I’ve got cash burning a hole in my pocket… weather is looking lovely this weekend and I am bikeless godamit

And to cap it all went to the local Yamaha dealer to see if I could take an R1 out for a test ride and they are closed all weekend, back Tuesday

My nc30 came off ebay (it was too far away to get to view it in the time left til the end of the auction too). I asked my local bike shop to check it over properly and service it when I got home and they were suprised at how good it was (for the money).

If the seller doesn’t respond to your questions forget it.

Ask loads of questions, cos then if they are trying to rip you off and you can’t get to see if before bidding ends you can refuse to pay if they’ve lied about something.

Bought three off ebay (similar) without seeing them and sold two. Walked away from two which were not as described but did not receive any negative feedback over them, probably as I had driven over 150 miles in one case.

If they’re too far to view I arrange to pay cash on collection. Would rather walk away and risk negative feedback than pay for a minger

I bought my honda c90, and then 2 bikes later bought a gilera cougar (very excellent 125), and then 2 bikes later, I just bought my Suzuki gs 500 2 weeks ago (see avatar!) for £500…had to go to Carlise to ride it back!! What a begger that was!LOL!! Best £500 I’ve EVER spent!!

I sold a gilera cougar, and a hyosung cruise II, and am about to see my Daelim VS 125cc (with heat grips, paniers and wind muffs, new sprockets/chain/front brake pads… if anyone’s interested!!! )

i bought my gsxr slingshot from ebay i didnt go look at it till i had won the auction, just took two mates and a van, and if the bike had not been as described i would have just walked away and contested any negative feedback.

I won the zx12r off e-bay, got a bargain and didn’t see it until I picked it up and I still love it

i got my zephyr off e bay.the guy was a bike nut from northhault.great buy but i never saw it b 4 i picked it up ,but the bike was emac

Got my first and second R6 off ebay…Great bikes and as described…Both bargains.

Brought a Honda H100SD for £102, learnt how to use the gears and sold it six months later for £400 a result i would say…

yes .but you was bidding on a suzuki

Got my bike off e-bay. It’s got a problem or two but nothing I would have been able to spot on inspection.

Significant Other has walked away from two others which were seriously not as described, despite round trips of 200 miles in one case and buying a trailer expressly for the purpose for the other one. Lots of specific questions asked with lots of opportunity for the seller to come clean but when we turned up, it was just a no-brainer - wasn’t even the right model and the seller knew it too but hadn’t said anything. No negative feedback given or received on either instance though but a pain in the bum and a disappointment.

It all comes down to the honesty and fairness of the individual seller so no way you can generalise on what sort of response you’ll get.

My bike (buell xb9) ‘sold’ on ebay yesterday, all as described. Didnt make what I had hoped but not to bothered as I wanted it gone asap.

The winning bidder is german and cant collect it.


I didn’t bid on the bike I wanted because the guy never got back to me. I kind of wish I had because being bikeless is starting to really do my head in! I know what I want but it is just not out there, or I’ll end up paying over the odds.

I looked at another yesterday. It had been described as falling off its side stand. Thing was a shed! Cracked headlight, left and right panels. Scuffs and scratches, tailpiece and nose fairing. It hadn’t been washed or maintained in any way. Owned by a 23 yo that had been biking for less then a year with a 1000cc beast! Now that is scary… He told me he couldn’t afford it. I hope he has learnt a valuable life lesson. walk away, don’t look back

By any chance do you still have the C90 Mole ? :smiley:

Supply and demand moley;):smiley:

Scavenger :stuck_out_tongue:

My 2nd (current) superduke was a e-bay.

11 months old, 700 miles. Lovely jubbly.

Let the rest of em sit and wait in the for sale section :wink:

Come on Mole wot time shall I be round to pick it up :D:)

MCN are running a story this Wednesday on the strange phenomenon of prices for used Cub’s going through the roof:D