Bought a bike, had my wife along

I took my wife along when I bought a bike on Saturday and rode away on a 2005 CBF 600. It replaces the one that got wrecked, plus it’s faired, has crash bungs and a tank cover. It’s also got less than 9000 miles on the clock. My insurance payments don’t change, so I know it’s affordable. It came in on budget and I didn’t have to borrow money to get it. I’m solvent this month and for months ahead.


If my wife hadn’t been there I’d have bought a 2002 Bandit 1200 S, with no alarm, higher insurance costs and 300 quid more. I’d have run up debt, wrecked this month’s finances, even on an overdraft, and spent the rest of the year getting back on track.

Do I wish I got the Bandit? Yep.

So I take it they wrote the old bike off then?

Beyond economical repair they said. A lot of it was cosmetic, scratches on the engine casing, dented petrol tank etc. rather than mechanical. But to replace all that new was too expensive. So I just took the money.

Or did ya buy the h*nda cos the wife liked the colour better than the bandit? :smiley:

The colour is a negative. It’s a lilacy sort of colour. But tell me that and I’ll put on 3d goggles and swear it’s blue.

Welcome to the Biffa club (owners of CBF 600 and 1000).

Much underrated bikes - the reviewers can never find anything to compalin about so they all say it is boring. If discomfort, erratic performance and breakdowns add to their excitement then they ought to just get a life.

Good wife…Has she made her demands yet :smiley:

Cheers. I’ve got to admit I chose it for practical reasons in that it has to be a commuter, carry the groceries and be comfortable for a pillion. I don’t own a car and it’s my only vehicle. Can’t do those things as well on a Daytona 675 (I’m imagining)

Sounds like a good choice to me - I did my DAS on a 500, and that was like sitting in a comfy armchair compared to my SV. :smiley:

Is there a way you could get the Bandit too?

On a side note, this post appeared in rather an eyebrow-raising way on the homepage: :blink:

had no idea about that. i’ve moved desks at work and to look like i’m not wasting work time i wrote all that in word and pasted it. better that than having LB openly on show

Noooo, look at the title in the screenshot! :smiley:

I have to be quite surreptitious about it, too. Maybe I should go and work on TWO magazine… :wink:

But getting back to the topic, I’m considering getting a CBF600 as a winter commuter - I’ve heard the SV doesn’t like grit and general winter road crap, so it could make sense.

If the worst a reviewer can say about it is that it’s ‘boring’, then in my book that’s a five-star endorsement for a commuter bike.

Absolutely. The one I bought on Saturday simply replaces the CBF 600 I had before. Got to say, day in, day out, it did what I wanted it to do without complaining. Took us up to Wales, got a bit smashed up in Cardiff and still got us back. You’ll never make any money drag racing it, but so what.

hey mate, ill be down BMM this weds hopefully for a little while after work so might catch you and the new bike there? i was wondering why i hadnt seen you around for a while!

also what did u think of ear plugs?

Nowt wrong with the CBF600 – as someone has already said (and you no doubt know from previous ownership) they are a much underrated bike. OK you’re not going to draw a crowd, but then neither will a Bandit. You’ve got yourself a machine that is as much fun as your skills will let it be!


Thanks for the ear plugs. I have to admit I found them disoreintating. Don’t think their for me. Cheers.

My missus convinced me to get a new GSXR-750 (up from a ZX6R). She gives the best fellatio on demand too.Are you all in tears now?



You’re not wrong!!;)Sorry, couldn’t resist the joke.