Bosnia - insurance

Morning, and hope everyone is keeping well.

After some advice re Bosnia, which I’m planning on visiting with a group of friends next summer.

Generally, UK bike insurance doesn’t cover Bosnia. I understand that cover can be bought at the border but it’s just third party.

Anyone any experience or advice?



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Not of riding bikes or insurance, but I drove there from Zagreb and had a fantastic time in some unlikely places - Banja Luka, and of course Mostar and Sarajevo. I know a few good places to stay and avoid. But if you’re going with mates, that side is maybe taken care of?

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MCE comprehensive insurance covers the insured for 183 days in Europe. I cant see why Bosnia wouldn’t qualify. Maybe it’s got a separate law I don’t know. If you’re going next year perhaps renew your insurance with MCE when it’s due? Worth investigating.

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Yes, it was certainly possible to buy insurance at the border, I did it some years ago when travelling on my Pan European. Quick and easy at booths on the border. I have no idea what level of cover it provided, I just wanted to have a doc to show police if I was stopped. I should imagine trying to make a claim whilst there would be a nightmare - but then when isn’t it when insurance is involved!? Now we are outside the EU and it looks like the transition period will be over in December (what joy!) I would expect UK-based insurers to charge an arm and a leg for overseas cover, might be an idea to check you will be covered for any out of UK travel? There used to be a company who provided cover for the whole of Euope including Turkey, based in Netherlands, they were called Allessi Insurance or something similar.

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A small omission geographically, but Bosnia and Herzegovina are not in the EU/EEA and I believe “Europe” is defined as the EU for insurance purposes (someone tell me otherwise).

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Oh right. Perhaps they do an add on to the policy?

Thanks for the replies guys, appreciated. yes Bosnia seems to be a ‘special exemption’ re insurance as it’s not in the EU and ‘still a bit lawless’ to quote one of my friends who’s already clarified with his insurer. We’ve a really good trip in the planning for next year, organised by a biker friend from Belgium - continental European insurance companies DO cover Bosnia apparently!!

I’m going to do a bit more research - have heard that Carole Nash might provide cover) but definitely want to do Bosnia as I was there in the 90s with the army and know there’s some great roads, and it’s cheap!

Just not sure if the others will trust local Bosnian third party insurance at the border!


All on the list!

Love Bosnia, I’ve been 4 times and generally go out every 12-18 months. You will never meet a nicer set of people (unless your my wife who found the only 3 unhelpful ones).

Nice roads, but really poorly maintained so be careful, and be careful in terms of speeds, the cops get paid FA so hide to catch you speeding then you have to pay them off (not alot) but they are proper hot on speeding


oh one thing as well, if you’re going to use your mobile as a satnav defo check your plan. EE do not cover Bosnia I made an 18 minute call to the volume of £30. and 10mb of data is £15 (this is not a type, that is the price)

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Thanks @The_Sleeper. I’m with Three and likewise they don’t cover Bosnia your usual plan and it looks expensive otherwise. We’ll be banking on our Belgian rider to provide the leadership on this one!

How did you do Bosnia, insurance-wise (if you rode)?

I have though since been informed by Devitt’s that they can cover Bosnia with their usual 90 day European cover, with AXA. So I’m a bit more hopeful. Don’t know what the quote for that might be though…

Hey, I actually go out for work as we have an office out there, not had the chance to get out on a bike and I’ve generally been out the beginning of end of winters so not really bike weather.

As someone above mentioned Mostar is a must, Kravica Falls (think that is how it is spelt) as well which is not to far from Mostar. Depending on your route if you go out through Dubrovnik you can do both on your way to Sarajevo.

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Thanks again. Will make sure that Mostar is on the list. :+1: