Hi LBers

Anyone going tomorrow night?


will try go there 2mora:)

Was hoping to make it but my bike has been taken very sick!!! :w00t::crying:

What happened???

I’ll be there but may only be a brief visit.

no not tonite, very tired from yesterday, in need of an early night, it wont happen if i go bm!

get ur arse down bmm tonight dont be a bloody wuss

i`l be there from bout 6ish

ok i might pop in for a coffe with sr fan, we have to see!!

I might make it, but it’ll be a flying visit if I do as I’m meeting up with a couple of mates later.

wont be there tonight, have fun peps x

I’m going there is some spainh food thing going on… going to see if I can get me some free food…

Myself and Captain Chaos will be there

Should be there providing I can get out of Cambridge early enough :cool:

What you doing up there?! :hehe:

im shattered from yesterday, but gona go down, better than sitting at home by myself innit :slight_smile:

Working babes ;)Now have sites across Beds and Cambs that fall under my charms and abilities :DBeen based in bloody St Ives this week :crazy:

Im keen to come down havent actually got to meet many people yet. I will look out for the London Biker clothing and come say hello.:slight_smile:

What time does everyone normally get there? Wana get back for the Senior TT on ITV4 for 9:w00t:.

hmmm, its 3 o clock, and im sruggling to keep my eyes open.

il try make it down, but will only be for a wee while if i do…

I should be there