Borough Tonight?

Is anyone going to Borough tonight from Cheshunt/ Enfield/ N.Londonish area?

If so, mind if i tag along tonight as it’s my first appearance

What time is fashionable to arrive down there?



If I was coming then yes I would pass through but Northern Scotland is a crap starting point

Plus I don’t think I would make it back by night fall.


People start getting there about 6, don’t forget, park on the left nose in, don’t park in front of the pubs or florist (until it closes)

Unhelpful response no. 2

I live in Enfield, I’m going tonight.

Unfortunately I work in Vauxhall so I’ll be going from there, which is useless. Sorry, couldn’t resist!

I could help on the way home but as you’ll have been there by then you’ll probably know the way back by then too…

Going up from Epping way,can meet you somewhere to go down to BM.I’ll PM you with Mob No.

Cheers Broady

Thanks to the rest of the replies… The words chocolate and fireguard spring to mind

Can’t help with a ride, but we’ll be down there tonight for sure! Need a ride!

hmm, does this forum decline into mud slinging like other forums? Seeing as I’ve never been to any of these meets and I’m up in the smoke tonight I may well come along if thats ok. Won’t be on the bike though. More than likely the scooter…

dont know how to get there

South side of London Bridge and turn right in to Borough Market,very easy!!!

Assuming that I get out the door at a reasonable time,

I’ll be making an appearance

Coming in from SW if anyone wants to tag along… (Twickenham)

Will be up there a little later with the new bike and will possibly bring a few of the VD supermoto bods as well.

Looking forward to seeing your Husky-Varna

Im goin try and show my face for while - really depends on how bad my afternoon is and what time ive got to head out again tonight…

It’s a fun bike but is going to get me into serious trouble.

We’ll be down tonight Andy, but Jonny’s working today so coming to meet me in Wapping first, depending what time you’re heading home, I can show you my scenic-ish route rather than going through town …

Cheers GG - that sounds like a plan

finally chunky!!!

i owe you a brew and a sausage bap for helping me out that time brother!!!

you’ll see me mate…cant miss me…i’ll be the one dressed like a storm trooper!!!

see ya tonight mate


Ack not going to make it tonight, gonna have to be next week…