Borough Tonight

With the pants weather we’re having, who’s actually going?

me im going

Was going to go briefly, cos I am meeting a mate at 7:30, but if its raining at 6 I will stay at work…

Yep this ginga has got a job to do…

I’ll be in civvies with a drink in one hand and registration forms in the other, come and find me if you recognise me… oh yeah, and my hair’s slightly blonder

May pass by… still got a cold, so not really up for a late one. <sniff>

I think I might come in the cage as I’;ve just got back from a meeting and can’t be arsed to get changed to get on the bike!!

dont forget the congestion charge then if you come by car

visit for info

edits post to read charge finishes at 6pm

Not after 6.30 though.

I’ll be there as I’m being chauffeured by Oli

Thats only cos ya done up in ya Power Suit and looking all Posh.

Innit Bolli Bird !!

ill be there for a while but not on the bike

Im leaving shortly to go by tube

So this is turning into a bike meet without the bikes…? Anyone for a few bevvies in the Porter?

Oi you…

Bevvies after giving out the Registrations and NOT before !!!

yes boss!!!

(ha ha - as if you’d know :w00t

what time are people getting up there as newbe

i wont be there!!boohoo!!! have a roll for me!! the meat ones!!!

I’d gladly take a meaty sausage on your behalf… mmmmmm

I’ll be there for around 6.30 but some people will be there from 6

ok cool just digging the ike out and ill get my ass up there