Borough Meet

It must be me that shinks then, not my leathers? My leathers have been in the washing machine (I kid you not) and were were also cleaned not long ago!:blush:

Is that how you got them to match the Riot?;):smiley:

I know this! I actually replied on your stinky leathers thread and suggested that Andrew&7 also got his leathers cleaned :wink:

Nah, The Riot was lovingly cultivated in a swamp…not just any swamp…an M&S swamp!

hi DC

I dont think I actually met you but I was there you seemed to be old hat as you were mingling much better than me.

Pompey remember our deal new for old lol

Chunks you the man erm…man

That might have been DR?

Yeah Lusty, you have to see sneaks when he strips :Whistling: He’s not shy about getting his kit off in public either :cool:

Oi easy girl . We don’t want him doing that in public :w00t::w00t:

Oh and get a room you 2:P

Yeah what about me Are you talking to me :hehe::hehe::hehe:

Speak for yourself hun, lol. More men stripping in public is a good thing!!!

hmmm, that was meant to quote Day release not myself!!

Well as long as they don’t expect us to do it too :w00t::w00t:

Sneaky goes for 1p a go. You’ll be surprise you’ll your moneys worth :D:D:hehe::hehe:

Ain’t that right sneaky

Sorry, I had to wait until Shewoolf logged off so I could reply, Shewoolf and I are in a room!:stuck_out_tongue:

Stop it. Honestly, I dont know where to put my face…but I am always open to suggestions!:P:P:P


EASY TIGERS! Or I might have to move this to the adult section :wink:

Sooooo jealous I wasn’t there last night :frowning:
Maybe Sneaky will strip again at BMM? That would be miles better than seeing Jodie Marsh

Hey girl, be very, very careful what you wish for!:smiley:

someone’s on a promise!


Ah, Leicester Square! That was a good night!:cool:

Ah what happen at leicester square:) MOre details pls :w00t:

I have a few suggestions for you :hehe: Get off that computer and come back here tiger :w00t: