Borough Meet

Hi all

I took the plunge tonight and came along for my first meet. Didn’t get to say Hi to all of you but to those I did, found you are an ecletic bunch of nice bikers, giving me helpful tips and sound advice. Hope to see you all again soon.

Haven’t been put off being a pillion :slight_smile:

Hey DC, the pleasure was all ours, I’m sure. It was my first BMM too!!:cool:

Hey DC

Was it you that I persuaded Ginger to take round the block?:slight_smile:

Yes it was nice to meet you. It was my first too :w00t:

good luck on your CBT girl

No it wasn’t Chunks, someone else had that…err…pleasure…anyway DC has all her own kit so wouldn’t need to ask to borrow my lid and gloves. :wink:

Good to meet you tonight DC, I’ll have a think and see if I can come up with a list of suitable peeps (guys & girls) and maybe even PM them, or at least introduce you to some of them so you can keep your options open. Fingers crossed we get some decent weekend weather soon and you’ll be able to tag along on some of the rideouts, they are areal blast!

Good luck with your CBT! :smiley:

Hey DR, it was good to meet you, I hope you get your bike back OK after the altercation with the Argos(?) wagon!

Nice to see some new people about tonight, good to meet Wiggle (don’t do the white boots man!!), nice bike fella, Gixxer 750’s are the future! :wink: I didn’t get a chance to speak to Sneaky or Dhofty but maybe I’ll see them on a BCR one weekend when I don’t have a hangover on a Sunday morning! :wink:

Damn it, I missed out on meeting the infamous Sneaky :frowning:

No, that was definitely not me. Not sure who that was, she disappeared shortly after! Do you think Ginge put her off?:D:w00t:I was the Indian girl - you know, the cool one mingling or trying to:hehe:

Thanks Tim, you are sooooooo helpful and it was nice to meet you too.

Chunks, I recognised you straight away :stuck_out_tongue: and we were also introduced;)

Now how did you recognize a man that you’d never met before soley by his username…I wonder?!?

You’ll have to forgive him DC, he doesn’t get out much!! :wink:

She would have recognised you if you hadn’t chenged your name from “Gormless looking skinny ****”:P:D

Now now children, play nicely! :PIt was great to meet loads of new people last night. I may have to get up really early one Sunday and do the BCR now I know some of you :slight_smile:

Guys! Please, no bitch-biting:D

You don’t know what you miss out on girl. Keep your eyes off Shewolf wants to get her claws into him :w00t::hehe:

She working it:hehe:

Ugh! Whats going on?:blush:

You don’t know what you miss out on girl. Keep your eyes off Shewolf wants to get her claws into him :w00t::hehe:

She working it:hehe:
Come, you guys (Girls!) are just messing wi’me cause I shy?:Whistling:

Uh huh :wink: Obviously it’s the air of mystery that surrounds the Sneaks. :ermm:

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That’ll be coming from his leathers then;):D:D:D

There is! Boy, is someone heading for a let down?:blink:

CM, you’re prolly correct!:blush:

Stinky leathers :unsure: :sick:

I’d call them “Characterful”:D:D:D