Borough meet tonight ?

Anyone going to Borough tonight ? I’ve not been out for ages and it would be nice to see a few ol’ faces :stuck_out_tongue:

Look forward to seein’ ya if you are gonna be there ( will be on the Tuono if anyone spots me :wink: )

oh no! i cant come tonight :frowning: are you gonna be about next week?

Yeah i will be there.

Very probably Gabs - shame you can’t do tonight though - kinda fancied a nice warm snuggle LOL

Got plans afoot so will probably be spending quite a lot of time in and around the " smoke " from now on :wink:

sounds intriguing! :slight_smile: well that’s good - Ill get to see you, as you say, for my snuggles! :smiley: be good to catch up :cool::hehe:

nope… Ace for me… Can’t face all the traffic when I only work 2 minutes from the Ace…
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yep i’ll be there from 8 :slight_smile:

I might pass through on the way to the Ace, not in the cage for once :cool:

Hopefully dropping in for a couple of hours.

Should be there from 5:30 ish

Yeah i may pass thru…be early tho about 5ish

Cant make it myself. I do Muay thai up in cambridge on wednesdays now

Need to visit the boys at Essential tonight first. If that goes well, I should be down to say hi… :smiley:

Not tonight - no bike this week! :frowning:

If i manage to get my indicator sorted i may be there tonight for my first BMM.:slight_smile:

I’m at home with a fever for the first time in years, feeling incredibly sorry for myself.
So … no :wink:

do you want me to bring the rear foot pegs along?

Is s/he good then? :stuck_out_tongue:


Missed tonight as no trike - it’s crook. The alarm man cometh tomorrow.

don’t worry not many people were there when i left at 8ish nearly lost the back end when i was leaving…:w00t: