Borough Market !!

Who,s up for it this time round ?

Me !!

me im coming tonight but iill be on the public transport lol

banned for six months is no ****ing joke

Not today, have to head home early and pack for the Download festival

I’ll pop down for an hour or two.

I’ll come around if I can

I migght be along, depending on how quickly the wheels of democracy political patronage turn this evening.

i might be, not too sure yet.

Not me, again. Going to be another couple of weeks before I get my Wednesdays back.

Yup! In a c*ge tho… sometimes, it’s just gotta be done

Me… and I’ll be bringing a newbie!

I may be down in my box on wheels. I will also bring a cripple with me!!

i aint no cripple!!

who said it was you?

Not me, I shall be cutting the grass in my garden, oh yes, the green green grass. Joy!

Oh, them fitting some new cans to my stead.

and you are a crip

a crip?

short for cripple


yea!!! so what if i walk a little slow atm!!!