Borough Market !!

Its that time of the week again !!

Who,s up for it ?

Those of you that have Registration Forms Completed please bring them with you as I,ll be handing in the first batch to Breakthrough this week.

I’ll be there this evening - complete with bright red hire bike.


Would that be Postman Pat’s bike?

Maybe next week for me! Have fun everyone!

ha! Could well be - I’ll see if I can find a little black and white cat

I will be!

i will be there.see u all later

I wont be there tonight but Ian will be, im driving down to Malmesbury to stay with a friend. I will get there soon thou and catch up with you Barro, sorry but ive been the ultimate recluse lately

Have a good one all

I’ll be there

Well I am just off to catch my flight to the Isle of Man. Grimbusa is already there, probably already on the course getting some laps in

So no we wont be there but will see you all in a couple of weeks.

Keep safe all

Enjoy the TT!! (jealous…)

See you all tonight at BM!

probably not tonight judging by the weather. if it clears up, I may come along for a quick one!

i’m comeing…

Oh $hit!

Its about time I came down and said HI but not this week, don’t really wanna stand around feeling damp

Who are you?

I’m me… who are you?

Hi there Clinton !!! long time no hear OR see me dear !!! how ya doin? you out and about on bike?..when u gonna be at ace again?

If the dentist decides to be nice to me this time I shall be there

What’s really good Miss B, Yeah im out and about on my baby as always I have been to the Ace everyday for the past two weeks as well as doing a boxhill and Bogna Regis run 3 times and a few other country runs some where off the M40.
Me and a few good friends are trying to do a ride out every other day, so im not at the meets much but well catch up soon

Oh and if anyone with a rear Diablo for a k4 GSXR and wants to part with it for a small fee give me a shout