Borough Market.

Im not going to be able to make it due to work commitments and I have the next batch of BCW Registration Forms to give out.

Is there anyone that will do the honours and take them over there and collect the ones that have been completed please ?

I was gonna apost mine Barro - would you prefer me to give it to you? I live locally to you so can come and get the forms from you to give out Wednesday.

No…dont post them in…they will go to the wrong office and it will take ages to get them over and sorted at where they are supposed to be.

(8 Thousand others all going there)

pm sent.

Hi ya mate,

I’ve still got my blank copy sitting in my bag. I can photocopy some for you and give them out tomorrow. How many do you need?


Blinding Offer…

Ive got Sherrie/Shewoolf coming over to take a few down to the Meet but you can always do a few more for me. (Anyone that needs info see Sticky Post)

If anyone has got “Completed Forms” then please give them to Shewoolf for me.

Thanks GP…Im in it up to my eyeballs here !! PM Sent.