Borough Market Wed 29th July

I’ll be going whether its raining or brilliant sunshine :smiley:

On your bike;)??

We’ll see :slight_smile:


I went last time but didn’t know anyone so I went home after 10min

I know, i’ve got an idea…oh, perhaps not! :hehe::hehe:

came along again mate and introduce yourself to someone/anyone!

Your not alone mate:w00t:

Where’s Westie when you need him… ;)Welcome Crazy Little Monkey - do go again - I think you’ll find you’ll be instantly popular if you ‘accidentally’ knock a scooter over :wink:

Im sure Westie, Ginger, Or Lou will sort something for you mate.:wink:

here we go

or turn up on your own and start with ‘Hi’ :rolleyes:

With luck I’ll make it this week. Got caught up with stuff last week… Burst my BM Cherry…

I was the same so I asked people to come talk to me. and they did!

what bike are you on?

Will there be cake?

you still owe me money for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will be there;)

Will you be flashing the new tan then PJ?

is that what we’re calling it now’a’days?? :w00t:

i’ll be there if the suns out

or drop your bike :slight_smile: