Borough Market Tonight

Just a reminder.

I will be there

and one more post count for me :slight_smile:

Sadly I won’t be there. Collecting my bike from Tri Moto after new ignition is fitted, so will be heading home afterwards.

im not going as i have to work…


might be there on foot with the lady love

I’ll be there, I need some stickers :slight_smile:

I’ll be there

I’ll be there with reecey, i got to find how i get there by public transport

I wish i could come but i live in shitty sheffield :frowning:

true but then youve got snakes pass and all manner of good biker pubs n caffs :wink:

I’m with stOOpid!! :smiley:

You’ve got it good up there…we got all the **** traffic…well not me cos i dont and wouldnt wanna live in London,live about 30 miles out of London,still got **** traffic but not like in London…so stay where you are,you got it good!!


Yeah thats a good road and the lady bowwer is a nice pub and so is the cat and fiddle, But sheffield is full of chavs :frowning: Believe me, I havnt got it good with all the thieving scally chav f**king inbread b*stards.

oh man , ive only just seen this post, did i miss it ???

no - you can catch it all again on BMM+7 :smiley:

no hurry on down now.