Borough Market Tonight . . . . . . .

Who is going, and what time you looking at arriving ?


Should be there, from about 7pm onwards…

I’m planning on going if the weather isn’t too bad, forecast says thunder storm and heavy rain at the moment.

i am meant to be attending something else, but may swing by if i get time. The weather isnt looking too good. Mind you cant be any worse than last night, was out till late on the bike, got blown home!

‘Blown home’ Ahahahahaha!

Lucky fella!

Are we looking at the same today?

Looks not too bad after 6pm…

Should be there!

yes lucky me!!!


Are you the man to see about stickers?

still dont know how to get there lol

It’s still a doddle to find though TattooistChick

Where are you heading in from (if you’re going) ?

I should be going, I think the weather forecast for later today is OK, Chris I think we met last week whilst talking to Barro?

I’d be up for a couple of stickers if Jay, or anyone else has any available tonight?

If i could remember who Barro was, i could answer - didnt he have the yellow Camel R6?

Will be there too, looking forward to meeting everyone - just gonna be a bit strange as have only seen you lot in lids or on bikes… should i be scared!!!


Can you bring a selection ?

Is that about the stickers of the question about being scared?!!

Cant make it tonight… again… personals to sort out.

Scared…theres nothing to be scared of, big bunch of teddy bears!!!

will be there high winds permitting