Borough Market - roadworks - bike meet parking area blocked off

Hi guys and girls, just wanted to let you all know about the roadworks at our meeting place in Borough Market.

Walked past it on the way to work this morning, and it is all blocked off. so, in case anyone is going over tonight… be aware the area opposite monmouth coffee is all blocked off.

of course if you fancy meeting at Kings Cross Station for 1 night only, i’ll be there, catching my train at 7 :wink:

You, er, have a way with words!! :laugh:

LOL :laugh:

lol - hahaha - well, i did type it before i finished my first cup of tea!

meet at blackheath teahut!

So the one night I thought I might make the effort and it’s a no-go!! FECK!!!

I’ll be there, road works or not, I’m sure there will be somewhere to park up either side of it.

Might even get you some chips when you turn up :smiley:

Teahut then Vern! :smiley:

What time do you think you’ll be there?

Not everybody has a bike that could ride through roadworks :stuck_out_tongue:

Teahut? dunno where it is, so I pass today.


I’ll be there :smiley:

I’m gonna skive for a couple of hours, so hopefully I’ll see you there.

Thanks :slight_smile:


unless something goes titsup at work I should be there at 6pm

i could pass by on my way home, its not really on my way but i could lol:D

was lots of heavy snow just now in borough, but its has just stopped for now

going to head straight for blackheath TH tonight

have a good night to those going to BM!

Well where the fook was everyone!!!

Wasn’t exactly on my own, saw Cloggy, then I think it was Bang2Rights curb jumping but not doing his observations properly and didn’t see me waving or my bike…
But Stace and Gemma turned up and we had a dirrty burger and a coffee :smiley:

I guess everyone else went off to King cross then…:smiley: