Borough Market Meet.

I was going to try and get to the Borough maket meet this week. The thing is being a new member is it the right thing to do and just turn up at this meet, as you all seem to have been members for a while and seem to know each other quite well. Being quite a shy person i would’nt want to just barge into someones conversation. What is the form on this when at your first meet? And are newbies welcome? Any advice would be very welcome:)

very polite of you to think about this murf, i just turned up and barged in!

Dont think anyone minds, i’ll talk to you if they do… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just turn up and barge in - I joined last April and it seems the best way to get to know people. New people join all time - so not everyone knows each other. Also going on a ride out really helps. I went on the BCR and met some really nice people on there and had a lot of fun.