Borough Market Meet

Weather is light showers, who’s still going?

decided to opt for gymnasium, holiday in 5 weeks dictates a reduction in waistage.

Next week though

Having said that, might pop along after the gym as it’s been 2 months since I was last at borough

Weather depending , I will be there ! Doing the BCW in September so thought it might be nice to meet more people as I have only ever been introduced to Jay

Will be on an 07 plated ZX10R in Black , come over and drag me into some conversation please

I’ll be on the Blue SV with the sellotaped up number plate.

I’ll keep an eye out for you

I’m grand, ta. I’m back on the CBF but not the ZX (yet!)

I know of a few people that definately wont be there !!!

I’ll be there… rain or shine!

Nice one fella , you going up tonight ?

Ignore the weather report, they’re normally wrong. See you there! A bit of drizzle never hurt anyone anyhow.

Exactly , Not made of sugar are we !!

I just had lunch with a couple of guys who are going to come down tonight. They’ll be wearing suits - one is an ex biker and the other is an aspiring biker. Be nice to them.

what time do you guys normally go there?

I’ll be there.

I work next door (almost) so i’ll be there 6ish I’d imagine.

I’ll be there between 20:30 and 21:00 , hope thats not going to be too late ?

but but but… Shiney new bike…

And ???

Heartless bstard. It might get wet.

I’ll grow out of this, don’t worry.

Oli ,

my baby NEVER goes out in the rain so no , you will never grow out of it !!

160 bhp in the rain is never fun