Borough Market Meet

I’ll be making my first appearance at the Wednesday meeting since the op. Anyone else going to be there? It’d be good to catch up with a few folks I’ve not seen for a while!


im going!, look forward to seeing the new steed

i am sure the usual crew will be out in force, not sure about the back seat rider below

Sweet. Is it outside the market porter or another part of the Market?

That’s where it is. Park on the same side of the road as the pubs but not in front of the Wheatsheaf.


Yes, see you there mate!

Roger that.

Oh, will anyone have any stickers I could buy there to deck out the new steed?

Certainly, we always have them available at the meets. Just collar me, I’ll be the one with a big camera taking lots of pictures.

I should be there, It will be my first time there too

see you all tomorrow


I’ll recognise you and the bike easy enough, unless you’ve both had surgery since Cubana 3 months ago.

Won’t be able to make this one unless I get my mirrors sorted.

The bike will run without mirrors GP!

Can you not use a compact and duct tape? If it doesn’t work then you’ve not used enough duct tape.

Heard weathers going to be poo, so may attend suited and booted.

I know but I hate riding down the OKR and having to do life savers every 5 mins… just don’t feel safe especially in rush hour - got day off work anyway so not going to be anywhere near Borough, otherwise it’ll feel like I’m going into work.

But we’ll see… haven’t had a posh sausage for a while

The weather forecast has been cnuted for about three weeks now. Yesterday it said it would hoon it down today. The weekend was meant to be awful as well.

It’s like the 80’s all over again. The horse from the apprentice must have sabotaged the computer when she was fired.

It’s not so bad. You just have to do some random positioning to make sure you’re in the spot in the road that leaves you open to the least danger. I’ve only got one mirror on at the mo - try it, you get used to it really quickly, and then you can hopefully pick a new mirror up tomorrow?

I’ve spent the last year with just one mirror. I’ve had two for the last three days and I mainly use the left one for checking my hair at lights.

Hey Keti! How have you been? Pack on your bike now?