Borough Market Meet

Hey guys,

Went to the Borough Markets last night to try and meet up with some of you but couldn’t find you. Literally scouted the whole place haha! 

Which place in there do you guys meet at? 

What time did you go? there were people there from 5:30ish til 9… didn’t you see the bikes?

I would have thought you could have just followed the smell…

That’s exactly what I was looking for and hoping to hear the bikes. I got there around 6.30 and when through every part of the market but couldn’t spot you guys. So where do you meet? 

Opposite the Market Porter, really, on Stoney Street. I can’t figure out how to get links out of Google Streetview any more, so I’ve taken a screenshot, it’s here:  png (but you’ll need to remove the spaces else it’ll fuck up the forum layout)

Thanks @BigRedS - Hopefully I’ll catch you guys there next week! 

The pin I linked you yesterday is literally the exact spot :slight_smile: Shame you didn’t manage to find us

@ILikeTurtles I had that spot open on maps and no one was there haha no worries - next week! 

@JAX, that is not possible, what time did you get there

Don"t tell him he may be trying to steal our bikes.

Lol I bet you have an iPhone! haha Maps are poop

@TDJ… are you serious? Hate to say it guys but getting a pretty mixed feel about this forum

they joking don’t worry

its an Engrrrrrrrrrrrlish thing

@Wise Appreciate a joke of course, hard to tell because in my post before about bike storage I got a lot of flack for apparently “scoping” how people store their bikes… I get it but it’s not the case. Sucks really!

you have to understand with bike thefts in London everybody is very sensitive about details of how why what where & when ,if your asking about there bikes.

ask them about anal sex & they will open up quite literally with some lol 

@Wise Yes I totally get it and I wasn’t meaning for people to tell me what they use to lock their bikes. I more was asking if in a garage or secure carpark because I’m new to the UK and the way you store bikes at home here is completely different to back home in NZ. We don’t have a major bike theft issue and I appreciate it’s huge here. Just want to make it clear that I’m not scoping people out.

Get yourself down to BM & introduce yourself ,

then im sure they would more than gladly tell you there inmost secret’s

just watch out for the shorty furball  

@Wise The exact purpose of this thread. Hope to meet you sometime

TDJ was taking the piss of other members in here… don’t sweat it JAX, come around next week and don’t get lost this time

Hey guys - hope to catch you all tonight and won’t get lost! haha