borough market meet tonight.

just a reminder.

not sure if ill be there tonight, bike needs a good clean etc etc from yesterday, may turn up


I won’t someones coming to buy my bug:crying: and i’m way behind with my work:doze:

I’m planning on being there, weather might be a bit ropey though …

I’m planning to go Andy. I’m a Borough Market virgin!

Probably be there just before 6pm. I’m sure I’ll find you all.

wont be there. have fun

reminder for what??? or have you forgotten ?


no show tonite,got me mind on other things…

me to

me too

I’m heading down will be there about 6ish or just after, someone save me a space under the bridge…

Also can anyone lend me £1.50 for a Tea me missus nicked my bank card this morning!!

I should be there for a little while.

Got me some pie waiting for me when I get in so won’t be too long out to play.

Who else is coming??? Weather seems to have brightened!

Me , i’ll be there, unles the weather really turns…

where is it again??

If I can get out of work on time today, I might come along for 30 minutes. No longer than that tonight, but I haven’t been in months, and I really need to make the effort…

Not me either sorry, way too wet here and looks like more coming. You will just have to watch someone else stall tonight :wink:

Nicely said mate! Probably me. This is prior notice BTW!

I would post only to say that I won’t be coming, but then that might be seen as just padding my post total. Might as well go then.

yup…i’ll be there in an hour or so…

my textiles are sopping wet so have to wear the leathers…

ohh god…its wet!!!


Spent 4 hrs cleaning the bikes the other day- no chance im bringing them out in this crappy weather!



I must be getting old or summat… still aching all over from the track-day.
Didnt go to work today cos i was knackered though i think i was hanging out of the bed in my sleep trying to get my knee down :w00t:

so i wont be there[ be in bed ]