Borough Market Meet Tonight 01/08/2018


Cannot seem to find the usual post so creating a new one for now.

Anyone going tonight?

@admin - long title as 15 character minimum & cannot use same title from the looks of it (just a heads up in case you want to change it)


lol Damnit! it was there I missed it


I might venture down after work actually :slight_smile:


I can delete it without a problem



Robert is getting giddy with power.


Sure, last 3 years I use those powers like never :stuck_out_tongue:



@Blade you have powers ffs


I always had… just never needed to use it… :stuck_out_tongue: Oh no, once I’ve deleted my own topic as the previous forum does not allowed to change/amend subject.

But yea, from other angle, BE WARNED :wink:



Consider myself warned
Not that it means JS to me lol


say what?.


I can’t say what, has to be a 10 character minimum!