Borough Market Meet Gallery! 29.08.07

Here is the gallery for tonight’s BMM meet, as said elsewhere, great to meet regulars and newbies alike! Lovely night, didn’t want to go, but much to do at home :slight_smile:

Full gallery:

BLIMIN`EL that was quick :w00t:

top pics as per useuall :wink:

Sometimes I’m on a roll :slight_smile: Not having to work on new forums also helps.

You can always erase the dodgy ones you know :P:laugh:

Nice to meet people again tonight, what a great pic of my bike too :stuck_out_tongue: I suspect I may be receiving another one in the post in a few days too :w00t::wink:

Ummmmmmmm . . . so where’s the months worth of other Borough pics? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll let you know when I get time spare to go over the back-log mate! At the moment it’s not looking good.