Borough Market last night

I enjoyed my first visit to Borough Market. Good to meet Derek, James, Ian, Ratty and Mad Scientist (sorry some are first names and some forum names) and anyone else I didn’t get the name of!

Hope the guy who came and said hello (sorry forgotten your name), but couldn’t stay as he had a date, had a good evening;)

I’ll hopefully get round to meeting more of you next week.



Good to meet you too chap! Look forward to seeing you in future meets :slight_smile:


I did! A very good evening :smiley:

Even after I found out her brother is a 17 stone center and plays rugby for Scotland at international level…

yer it was good… only the hardcore members there last night :w00t:

Yeah man; I thought Londonbikers were supposed to be raw! Couldn’t believe a bit of rain put everyone off.

Hats off to the hardcore who turned up. Good to meet some more of you.

I’ll be there week after next with tales from my track evening at Brands, and now also from the wheelie school this Sat!

I’m gonna try and make a BMM or two soon - once my bike is fixed up :crying:

erm i wasnt there last night?? unless i sleepwalked there! lolthere are a couple of other memebers with alias of ratty, -the rat…and ratty i can think of, i havent net them at any meets tho!

Sorry Ratty, maybe I misheard someone!!

dont complain ratty he thought u were nice:P
and hadnt even met u yet

Sorry Ratty, maybe I misheard someone!!


yep, he hasnt soon change his mind aye:w00t:

yup ,
u better avoid him so your good reputation lives on :stuck_out_tongue:


Cheers Steve for the coffee!

Al - the other but not the first rat:D

nice one rattus rattus:D there only 1 ratty46!:w00t::cool: