Borough Market 18th July

Is anybody going to the Borough Market meet from my neck of the woods, I am hoping to get up there with ScattyMare but we don’t know how to get there, yeah yeah i know there is a map but i am useless at following them, much more comfortable following somebody.

I live in Sutton but could meet somebody elsewhere (if i know where)

Hello Roughie, Im going up there tonight!! Im going to Whitechappel hospital first but can drop you at borough before hand. Im riding up from New Addington near Croydon so your welcome to come with me. I will be leaving at half six so can meet you in croydon at quarter to seven?? PM me if ur interested

Roughie, Chuff I and I will be there tonight …I’ve got to collect him from work at 6.00pm so we will be there at around 6.15pm.

Thanks Ben, I live in Sutton but my stomping ground is Putney way etc … i have no idea of anywhere in New Addington.

Justine it will be good to see you if i ever get there

You know how to get to the white bear…

Ha Ha only in the car with Gupps Sat Nav.

I am sure I’ll get there by fair means or fowl

You want to come straight up the A24 until it becomes the A3. Go over Eleephant & Castle, then turn left at the right place into Borough Market.


I could show you the way home again! it’s on my way:lol:

Seriously though, let me know if you’re still struggling and tell me how far up the A24/A3 you could get to & I’ll meet you.

Hopefully see you there Roughie. I shall be leaving earlyish though, as I need to see some peeps at the Pied Bull as well.

hhhmhmmm dilema, do I come in civvies, or go home, leather up and come back on bike, not arriving til about 8.

Or, stay home and sort my holiday stuff out?

Advice needed.

Take a rain check, if it’s nice, go home and then ride back up. If not, come in civvies and bring a brolly!

Thank you very much, i will try and make my way there, if i get into difficulty I’ll call Justine or Chuff to come find me if they are still there