Borough / BCW

Those of you that have put your names down and NOT got Registration Forms please see =

Sherrie/Shewolf or Orla/Ginger Pixie tonight at Borough Market.

They will have them to give out and they will take any Completed Forms from you.

(PLEASE add your Londonbikers log in name at the top of the form)

I will be at the Ace Cafe this coming Sunday and at Borough Market next Wednesday for those of you that cannot make Borough Market Tonight.

Cheers Peeps.

Won’t be there - stuck at home !

You heard the man!

Enjoy the meet! And get those forms completed!

I hope to be there next week! Sorry to use this to say this hear but can peeps remember to keep the wheatsheaf clear and park nose in! We are doing so well at making friends down there - keep up the great work!

Cheers Pal…Good Reminder and good to see your in Finer Spirits.

All the best.

i cant make any of them!!! should be back at the end of next week but not for the wednesday!!!

Dont worry…

Ive got your Forms…let me know where and when I can meet you.

I got the form but I now have been told that I need to be in Slovakia for that weekend for a wedding… Doesn’t seems to be mine and the information sound more like an order than a request so I am going to have to bai out on that one…
God I am staking up those airmiles…

Thats a shame… but you got to do what you got to do.

Thank you for the interest in the first place though.

Who’s going and who needs one…?

Bump !!

Dont forget !!