Borough 20.07.16

Anyone coming tonight? Am actually out on a Wednesday, on the bike… in amazing weather… would be rude not to pop along!

Yep. Ice-cream in Brighton is a possibility.

I’m here now :slight_smile:


Sun’s out then!

I’m on my way now! still undecided on the ride out though

see ya soon

Was real nice seeing everyone - hope the ice-cream hunt was successful. Am sipping on a Bud imagining the carnage in Brighton right about now lolz :slight_smile:

Was good seeing you too. All made it to the seaside safely. No idea about back. Top Gear rules :wink:

The rest of the boys were only 4/5min behind us… They must have been moving also.

Took a nice route home via some single track lanes an then A3, A306 Hammersmith.

Fun ride.

Yeah home about 20 mins ago, managed to catch up with that girl just at the end of the M23 and had a nice chilled jaunt the rest of the way in. Fun ride indeed :smiley: cheers for leading BRS