Born again Newbie...

Hi, I am a born again newbie, like the title says.

After I got T-boned in 2005 I sought of decided that was it for two wheels and have managed to resist the temptation until about a week ago, when I bought a Honda Varadero, bit too old for the crotch rockets and also know that if I had bought one of those, I would have ended up thinking that I was better than I actually am and end up in a pine box…

Well it’s a pleasure to be part of Londonbikers.


Hello mate and welcome back to the mad house. Always good rideouts with the LB Lord and Lady “The Jetstreams”:smiley:

Just be prepared for good fun, good tea, good food, cold hands and a rather large fuel bill:P:D

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB:D