Boris. You're fired....

Seems as if Ken might have some opposition to be the next official Labour candidate for London Mayor in 2012…

At least he wouldn’t hire any “Carlos Kickaball” overpriced foreign imports, like that lot that had the Tube maintenance contracts.

he’s a businessman i reckon he’d hire anybody if the price was low enough.

he’s reportedly asked the BBC for a big increase in his fee for The Apprentice.

Could just be timing to add leverage to his demands…

i don’t live in London but as with Boris or Ken the best London mayor in my opinion is someone that improves my lot either on my commute in from Kent on the train or my ride in on the bike.

I think he’s a knob but he’s the right kind of knob to kick some pussy liberal lilly livered lentil munching greenie leftie arses around a bit until they sting :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah but what do you REALLY mean…?

Well I am not sure his banning of drink on the public transport is working - I saw a bloke this week drinking a can of Stella on the 133 bus to Streatham Hill.:stuck_out_tongue: