Boris threatening the bike tax demo

Not sure what I think about this, while I fully support the right to protest it would seem counter-productive if we lose the right to use the bus lanes.

What are the chances of Boris actually getting away with saying we couldn’t use them becasue he’s annoyed about being held up on his way to work?! Slim I’d hope.

Still, got to hope the bus lanes stay open to us! Evidence I’ve seen elsewhere seemed to suggest the trial was being seen in a positive light so far, especially with the lack of ‘serious deaths’ in Portsmouth. :w00t:

W out…

I tell you what I think about this. Abuse of power!

And who says power corrupts? eh? Gimme some and lets see what happens… :smiley:

I’m sure the independent review of bus lane usage by M/C will be independent and won’t be influenced or interfered with by the Mayor’s Office.

I distinctly remember the Mayor’s Office saying that they couldn’t interfere in local council parking or bus lane policy. So Boris (and the Mayor’s Office) shouldn’t be trying to interfere in the inevitable backlash.

I have to thank him for the publicity, it would have been hard to get on Radio 4 and BBC London News without his involvement. And I think he’s just doing what Boris does. Talking before thinking. Which is tricky when you’re surrounded by people with video cameras.

Well, that’s how it should work in the ideal world…I think they have ways of influencing the ‘independent’ review…and the bus lanes in question are the TfL lanes and not the ones controlled by individual councils…

Good on Boris i say.

and now there going to congest the m25 wots that got to do with westminster?

get something better to protest about and i do believe the test period of bus lanes is up soon.

Says in the BBC report that the Mayor will have the final say on whether the bus lanes remain open to Motorcyclists.

I doubt he would take them away, he must realise the good they are doing and the protection they provide, and he must also realise that bikers are as entitled to protest and cause an inconvenience as anyone else.

If he wanted to get rid of an inconvenience in London he should get rid of those fecking rickshaws…

The M25 is a round up, a show of numbers for people from all around London who commute, and precedes a run into central London, which is governed by Westminster.

I’ve just heard this on the news right now. It sounds more like blackmail to me than official policy. You can’t say 'If you continue to exercise your democratic right to protest about parking charges, I’ll take away bus lane privileges’. That’s like saying ‘If car drivers dare to protest about the congestion charge, I’ll ban all cars from central London’ or ‘if pensioner’s protest against losing tax relief on pensions, I’ll take away their winter fuel allowances.’

Whether we like it or not, we have a right to protest about whatever we like in this country. You can’t say ‘stop protesting about X – or else I’ll do Y.’:rolleyes: Or did I miss something here ?? * confused*

just another excuse to pi55 a wider audience off including bikers that have to use cars and vans for their day jobs.

This protest nonsense has gone far enough, there is a law of diminishing returns at play. The disruption caused and unlawful obstruction of the highway will loose the NTTBPT what tacit support they might have been able to muster amongst the non-biking public.

You reap what you sow…

Check out the news story I’ve just published. I was emailed yesterday with this.

Nice one Ed. I missed this.

It’s not unlawful as if it was the Police would have gone to town on that long ago - by all accounts the Police have a good working relationship with this group.

The point NTBPF are making is ‘treat bikes like cars and they will behave like cars’ So they are moving on the road but not slipping through gaps etc

That’s not unlawful and isn’t obstruction of the highway.

I don’t agree with what Boris is saying/doing, but it doesn’t surprise me.

I long expected that motorcyclists would start to be looked at like a nuisance after ongoing protest by a minority, that will naturally result in the general public not being keen on favourising motorcyclists, which will lead to a negative report on the buslane trial.

It’s a shame …

The protests are hardly worse than the cyclist’s ones, and they still get a whole bunch of breaks.

You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, however, I would ask you to look at the facts before posting dismissive comments.

The protesters have acted lawfully and with restraint. They do not obstruct the highway (this would be illegal), but, they do refuse to filter thereby adding to the congestion - to make the point that if they are treated like cars then they will act like cars.

The protest is fully supported by the BMF and MAG, something that all LondonBikers should be aware of and lend support to.

Boris had the opportunity to discuss the protest, instead he uttered a threat and cycled off (unlike the poor drivers caught up in the congestion).

The Police have attended many of the protests and have not issued a single caution and are even content to now let the protests continue without a Police presence.

With the court case against Westminster Council set for 24th June, it would be great if all Motorcyclists interested in free parking across the UK were to attend the demonstration set for that day. The M25 event is purely a publicity stunt and is not meant to cause any disruption - I hope you will join in on that also.

The seeds have been sown for the freedom of all Motorcyclists (and Bikers) - let’s hope the harvest is rich.

no we should’nt cos thats our choice if we disagree with it and dont want to be associated with the muppets.