Boris pressured NOT to allow motorbikes in bus lanes

Boris said that his decision to allow motorcycles to use buslanes is not final.

this after pressure from the cyclist group (LCC) and veto of two boroughs (Lewisham anh Hackney)


MCN is launching a petition for motorcyclists to answer LCC and others who oppose letting us share the lanes. We need to match or get more than the 3,500 that the LCC gathered

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All done !

Another government minister saying one thing and doing completely the opposite! 3500 from the cycling lobby ( no doubt the minority will win again ), can we do better ? ,i think we should pass this on to other forums we all use as well

Which Government Minister is that?


Lewisham and Hackney? Theres a fecking shock. They HATE motorbikes for some reason…

The LCC appear to be little better than a bunch of fascists :angry:

is this just motorbikes or is it scooters, mopeds and three-wheelers too?

Someone let macp know about this for me, I don’t want to come across as a poor winner whilst handing him his hat and the ketchup… :smiley:

I support the campaign for common sense.

I just can’t be arsed to faff around, particularly with messenger.

No hyperlink, no sign up.

Where did this info come from? I have a letter and email from TfL saying Johnson had instructed them to make arrangements as quickly as possible to allow motorcycles into bus lanes.

Jonson is a tory. We bikers cant trust his statements he is mot to be trusted in amy of his ideas.

The guys on Bikesafe said he has instructed the local councils to make arrangements to open buslanes, but they’ve all said they don’t have the money (read: what do we do with missed income from fines?) to implement it so it’s at the bottom of the priority list.

If Lewisham and Hackney hackney have a problem with it then what’s the problem with impletmenting it in all other boroughs and sorting those two problems ones out at a later stage.

What is the point of more petitions? Boris knows the cyclists are anti- and the bikers are pro-. As eezyrider said he’s said he will allow motorbikes in bus lanes. If he goes back on his promise it’s his problem- he’ll lose more votes than he gains.

I am meeting a few Lewisham councilors on Fri evening so will ask them then.

Jonson is a tory. We bikers cant trust his statements he is mot to be trusted in amy of his ideas.

Er… I think you mean "Boris is a politician, so "

Not met many of any colour I’d like to trust. Well, only one so far and I’m not too convinced about him, yet.

I voted for Boris on the basis of his stated intention to allow motorcycles to use the bus lanes. I definitely won’t vote for him the next time if he breaks his word.

Why are politicians such feckless, untrustworthy scumbags?

Sadly I have to deal with, and make complaints about, Lewisham Council and their utter neglect and disregard for the vulnerable people in their borough on a daily basis. I therefore can’t imagine any of them giving sweet FA about sorting bikes in bus lanes if they can’t even pull their finger out for the most disadvantaged people, living in total and utter squalour, in their own borough. :frowning: :frowning:

I will sign this petition about bikes in bus lanes though, Boris should be made to keep his word:D

And Tony Bliar is trustworthy ? You’re having a laugh :P:D:cool: