Boris now backs motorbikes in bus lanes - Back Boris !

But that’s the point. Once a critical mass of motorbikes are using bus lanes & it’s all of them instead of just a few bith drivers & lemmings will start to expect bikes to be in the bus lanes & look out for them (…er, in theory anyway :roll: :D)

Tony, I can’t get my head around how a bicycle could be quicker than a motorbike. Does jumping red lights make that much of a difference? :unsure:

Yep. Massive difference. used to cycle in from Balham to Charing Cross - red lights add a big percentage to the journey time. There are so many of them. If half of them are red when you approeach - they’ll be red for maybe 20-30 secs? So if you’ve got about 30 sets you’re looking at add 5-7mins to your journey if you stop at them. Which is a big percentage in a c.20min journey.

I have to completely disagree with your point - aside from the two cases detailed above of pedestrians actually being run over and killed by cyclists they are frequently the cause of accidents on the road due to sometimes reckless behaviour and a complete ignorance of the highway code. I see some act of stupidity every day on my way to work.

The biggest problem is a complete absence of detterent. Run a red light ? £30 fine, killed someone ? telling off… caused an accident ? Ride on…

This is not intended as another anti-cyclist rant but the reason cars cause more accidents is because there are more cars on the road and with an increasing number of cyclists given no training or culpability the number of fatalities will continue to rise.

For God’s sake go here and vote - The standard wil lbe publishing the result to day of this poll and we were ahead - now it is neck and neck -

Yes it does, jumping light means you can get ahead of a light sequence, So can gain about 3 traffic lights sets on a motorbike .ie whitehall up to leister sqaure when it is busy, slow lights ,motorbikes unable to filter etc.I can be long gone on a cycle ,Don’t forget i can get off the cycle and cut through pedestian areas, One way streets etc,you can take a shorter route.
Also can park right outside my office so no walking from a bike bay.
On some roads filtering in the center lane on the motorcycle can be slow if traffic is comming the other way, I can be going 20 mph down a clear bus lane on the same road on the cycle.

sw98ad to WC2B 5LQ can take 18mins door to door via cycle.

I agree that motorbikes should use bus lanes, It would save all the dangerous filtering and ‘racing’ we do on the motorbike to get ahead of cars.Also yes a greater use of the lanes would make us all more noticable and there is plenty of room for all of use.
I will be interesting to see how motorbikes mix with the bendy busses in bus lanes though. They a so f**king dangerous those buses.


Oh if we are taking about accidents then what about the over 100.000 injurys cased by motor vehicles in the UK, and what about this from wiki

Car accident is a euphemism for a road traffic incident which usually involves at least one road vehicle being in collision with, either another vehicle, another road user, or a stationary roadside object, and which usually results in injury or property damage. Phrases used to describe similar incidents include: auto accident, car crash, car smash, car wreck, fender bender, motor vehicle accident (MVA), personal injury collision (PIC), road accident, road traffic accident (RTA), road traffic collision (RTC), road traffic incident (RTI), traffic collision. Such incidents result in the deaths of an estimated 1.2 million people worldwide each year, and injure about forty times this number (WHO, 2004).

You are more likley to be killed/injuryed by your spouse then by a cyclist sorry,

Also I can find one of these a week if you want

I think you will find cyclists are being killed not killing

Brixton Biker. If you read the second article you posted it says:

‘There were 440 pedal cyclists killed or seriously injured (KSI) in January-March 2006 - a 20 per cent increase on the same period last year’

it then goes on to say:

‘Two-wheeled motor vehicle casualties fell the most - down 15 per cent’

It seems a safer option for a cyclist would be to get a motorbike.:slight_smile:

Giuliano (28/02/2008)

For God’s sake go here and vote - The standard wil lbe publishing the result to day of this poll and we were ahead - now it is neck and neck -[/quote] It’s still only 52% in favour - how do we get more people to vote? I can only vote once.

I agree, cyclists would be safer to ride only a motorbike, Then the same reason we should all drive cars, they are safer than motorbikes, I don’t ride my motorbike or my bicycle to be safe and why i should have to stop doing what i enjoy because car drivers are trying to kill me.
Hmmm skiing lets see , not skiing is safer lets not ski.
That sort of reasoning will lead to the nanny state banning anything dangous.

check what 7 out of the 15 suberbiker riders interests are

its cycling.

I am just trying to point out alot of bikers love to cycle, and we have a similiar interest.We should support each other.

Good words brixtonbiker, thanks for the input, really good to hear that not all cyclists are against us using the buslanes, do you know of any general consensus from cycle forums?

Had some solidarity with a lady cyclist yesterday when at a scene of an accident where it looked like a car had pulled out onto a biker, she says it happens to her as well.

I’m also a cyclist too (sometimes). On the bus lane thing, the whole issue is around safety and IMO it has nothing to do with ‘Nanny Statism’. The point is that TfL claim that safety is their top priority. This works in our favour when we know from TfL’s own survey that there is a safety benefit to be had from allowing motorbikes in bus lanes, for all road users including cyclists. National statistics of road casualties are irrelevant to the specific issue of the use of bus lanes in London. The relevant statistics are in the TfL report as this is what the policy on this issue will be decided on. :slight_smile:

I appreciate there may be many bikers and motorists who choose to cycle through London and that is a good thing both in terms of easing congestion on our busy roads and beneficial to the environment. That said, there are many cyclists in Central London who have never driven a car or a motorbike, do not understand the highway code and unfortunately these individuals do become the cause of, or the victim of accidents on the road.A huge help would be that along with other road users, cyclists should need to be licensed, pass a highway code and hazard perception test and pay insurance. There should also enforceable penalties for traffic offences like everyone else. If they cause an accident shouldn’t they be just as responsible for restitution?