Boris now backs motorbikes in bus lanes - Back Boris !

Boris: I’ll let motorbikes use bus lanes like cyclistsRoss Lydall, City Hall Editor
Boris Johnson will today risk inflaming thousands of London cyclists by announcing he will give motorbikes an equal right to use bus lanes if he becomes Mayor. The move, from arguably the city’s most famous cyclist, challenges Ken Livingstone to make a similar commitment after shying away from a decision on the issue for years.

The Tory candidate points to research suppressed by the Mayor which shows that it is safer for cyclists, bikers and even pedestrians if motorbikes can use bus lanes.

At present, bikers face a £120 penalty - just like drivers of four-wheeled vehicles - if they enter the lanes.

Transport for London was authorised by the Mayor in 2002 to set up two test areas in which motorbikes and scooters can use bus lanes - the A23 in Brixton and the A41 Finchley Road.

As the Standard revealed two months ago, the three-year study showed the number of accidents nearly halved. But mayoral aide Kevin Austin allegedly ordered the results to be rewritten to prevent an outcry from cyclists.

Today Mr Johnson will pledge to publish the suppressed TfL research in full. He was expected to say: "Ken Livingstone has refused to release the report, and leaked emails show his office has actively tried to interfere with the findings.

“Not only is this a fraud on Londoners with motorcycles but it is a cynical refusal in an election year to implement a measure that could both cut congestion and save lives.”

The issue is tricky for the Mayor as he likes to claim credit for the huge rise in cycling and has unveiled plans to create 12 cycle “super-highways” and introduce free bikes for hire.

Many have switched to motorbikes and scooters since 2003 as both are exempt from the congestion charge.

Perhaps a BACK BORIS rally could be in order ?

Good for him. That’s ONE whole policy from Boris the clown. A good start. Let’s see the rest of what he stands for…

thats good stuff from Boris…

I’m probably gonna vote for him just to try and get the fkn tw@ Red Ken out :angry:

I think that’s the possible danger. So much of a backlash against Ken that anyone may well get in, regardless of whether their policies are better/worse/different.

you’ve got my vote on that.

This is the one issue (safety) that I would be willing to drop my principles for and vote Tory! Great news- just goes to show the articles/threads/emails/letters on this subject have got through to Boris! Ken should surely have a rethink now- it’s the only way he might save my vote…and I’m sure I’m not the only one. :smiley: Way to go Boris:D

starting to lean towards this point of view as well, never thought it would get to this point but Ken has gone a bit too far on some issues IMO

That’s excellent news ! :smiley:

have always wondered why we CAN’T use them.

i might move to London just to vote.


Go Boris!
Total nutter, but what a great mayor! :smiley:

Ive been supporting him for a while and I am very happy with his policy announcement.

London needs him.

and mine

Wholheartedly agree. But when it comes to bus lane use for bikes I’ve never been too keen. Huge risk of someone turning in on you, and by their very nature they put you closer to the pavement - thereby closer to the lemmings that are London pedestrians…

I recieve a regular news letter from the Boris camp and the last one was this

You are invited to see Boris deliver a keynote speech at a central London location as part of his campaign for Mayor of London

Monday 3rd March

Please RSVP to Claire Dowson at [email protected]

I can’t go but if anyone else is interested.

I like alot of cyclists use both a motor cycle and a bicycle, I live in brixton and communte to covent garden (cycle 18mins/Motorcycle 24mins) I use the a23 bus lane, its the one that motorcycles can use and find it works fine when we share it, I dont have a problem with motorcycles when on the bicycle (well scooter riders don’t seen to look behind them) and i dont have a problem with cycles when on the motorbike. Both are two wheel machines, one human powered and the other engine powered, they have alot in common.
I think it would be a good idea.
Cars and vans are my main worry. Also remember that cyclists are not that danerous to other people. The number of pedestrians killed by cyclists in 2001 was zero. 434 pedestrians and 50 cyclists were killed by cars in the same year. While Britain has a low level of deaths and serious injuries for people in the vehicles, we have a higher than average death and injury level for pedestrians and cyclists, particularly children. I do not know of any motorcyclist or car driver being killed by a cyclist.

I got the same invite, trying to dodge some work meetings to get along. See if i can get some questions to him about from bikers,

We could all send a response to his “back boris” website to make our approval known. There must be a lot of bikers in London who would appreciate someone considering our safety.

you have to be a bit off the wall to want to go into politics…suppose some are further ‘0ff’ than others…

Rally…? When…? :smiley: