Boris' Bikes

Well I suppose you could, but at least initially all the docking stations are within central London (Zone 1 on the tube map) & even I could easily cycle from one side of that to the other in well under 30 minutes, so why would you want/need to?

Well registering was a breeze, much like registering your Oyster card. I can’t wait to get out on one and face the 30 minute challenge.

the bit i love is that if you have a 24 hour access code and you dont bring the bike back within the 24 hours you’ll get charged £150!!!

Non return charge is £300 and Annual key charge £45 - why not just buy a bike!!!


I used them in paris and thought they were great…we would ride from one place to the next dock the bikes go see what we ahd to then get one to ride back.

word of warning: dont depend on them late at night as every drunk ass person has the same idea!

WAIT!! i got it, if i walk to finsbury park from my house, find a bike ride it to near furthest away bike point but within half hour, put it back and take another bike, and do the same until i make it to work…any rules against it?

A 5 minute time interval is required between the end of one journey and the commencement of another journey. If you (or an Additional User) attempt to undock a Cycle from a Docking Point within the 5 minute time interval, this will be treated as a continuation of the previous journey and the Period of Use and Usage Charge shall be calculated accordingly.


I was hoping that they would let you use your Oyster card for the same task, saves having to carry around another card.

Ah, give it a month or so and they’ll catch up with clever peoples ideas :wink:

Yes. Have a 5 minute rest between 30 minute sprints. It’s only a matter of time before someone organises a race.

Wow, get over yourself.

I hadn’t heard about this scheme in London before. It’s a world away from the old White Bicycle scheme, which used to run in Amsterdam. I think they had loads of white bicycles which anyone could pick up, use and leave when and where they finished. The idea is good, typically Dutch and very hippy-minded (It was the early '70s) I guess that they all got nicked in the end.

A bit more 21st Century, this scheme. Unbeatable security and ultimately designed to fleece you of your money.

What happen to all those hippies? :cool:

How rude!:w00t:

Now I have discovered that there appear to be no cycle stations near Government buildings in the Westminster area ruling out any pick ups or drop offs at the places I am usually going to and from.

BTW, I undersand the word gaining currency is “Borocycle”.

u sure they are loads around ? I am sure they will be one a street away

:ermm: he has a valid point about the docking stations but i hear theyre only 200metre or something from the next one.

also if you didnt pre-register it would be much easier to steal one

There are several sites that have mapped the locations that have been granted planning permission for bays. There are only four stations are planned at all between Northumberland Avenue and Buckingham Gate/Horseferry Road, with one exception these are all at the extreme NE or SW of the area bounded by the River, St James Park and the roads I mentioned. The one exception is 400 yards from where I work, the others are all much further. Disappointing as this would be a great way to get round the Whitehall area quickly, but it looks like Whitehall has been deliverable excluded from the scheme.

Key arrived today and the bikes are already in their docks. So excited. It came with a map showing all the locations too. The girls will swoon when they see this set:

I thought it was a good idea until i said the rates you pay aswell as membership. Id rather buy my own

“If the docking station’s full when you return your cycle, check the terminal to see where there are free docking points. You can get up to 15 minutes extra time if you need to cycle to another station.”