Boring video of belgium

turns out the engine bar mounting is a very unsubtle way of advertising my bike

The highlight for me was the roundabout at 13:30 brilliant! lol

Mian, 14 min!! no music?

didn’t do any processing on it. all the footage I have is from the last day so there’s no point doing a proper video.

There were corners on the last day!

that was the last day, with the corners.

The forward shadow is reminiscent of Mr Gadget :wink:

Belgium is generally boring apart from the Ardennes and even there you are better off diving in and out of France - your video proves it !!

This video does raise an interesting point though. That being that 99% of all action camera footage is pretty dull. That’s why on the advertisements they only show 5 seconds of each sport.

Great video Mian thanks for posting.

at least this one was prettier.

Great angle!

Haha. See those tree lined roads? I learned to drive on roads like those. Some of them went on and on for ages. I contemplated driving into a tree during a driving lesson just for something to do.

Thanks reminds me what’s at the end of that road… Boot shopping, I’m off there this weekend.