Boring insurance question... EU cover etc...

If I have TPFT insurance, does it have to include some EU cover on a statutory basis?

I remember hearing somewhere that the insurer has to include a certain number of days cover in Europe, but can’t remember if it’s for fully comp only…

Any ideas?


Assuming LBrs come up with different opinions…just phone up your insurer and ask :slight_smile:

I asked on the phone but the bumbling boy on the other end of the line couldn’t come up with a proper answer for me…

All EU countries and certain other countries comply with the first
directive on motor insurance, which says that every insurance
policy issued in the EU must provide the minimum insurance cover
required by law in any other EU country.

So you’re covered 3rd party only, (by default), and if you want
better cover check with your insurer, they might give you an
option for taking out short term cover (holiday or similar) for
the duration of your travel.

pretty sure it states clearly on the policy docs I have - I usually advise insurer too when I plan a trip

Cheers MikeDaBike… Will call them up and drop some knowledge on them :slight_smile: