even better!!!



play with your nipple then

Necrophillia… It’s the urge to crack open a cold one… :smiley:

Still bored LondonGirl87??

You are disgusting :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I got saved from the boredom…

But now I’m at work and it sucks!

But beautiful weather outside, perfect for a ride!

Wondering about a lunch ride around. Not sure where to go though.

I’m often thinking about the same, but in the end it’s too much hassle.
city [email protected] around, then the hassle of getting suited up again, hassle to take out / return bike back into building.

Plus the chance that I’ll just go out and F off, not returning for the day, which would be detrimental for me job :blink:

lol yea, 1 hour lunch is too short really. I might just GTFO on the dot tonight and got for a ride later in the evening when there’s hardly anyone around :smiley:

I tend to do that too :smiley:
though need to keep mileage down a bit this week probably, need to do a big service quite soonish :blink:
just ordered me replacement filters (went for K&N, cba with paper bollocks), spark plugs already at home, check what else I need, probably some liquids, then it’ll be off to OMC soon to stand around like a d!ckhead w/o any clue what to do, but I’ll manage somehow, that’s what the Haynes is for :smiley:

Oh awesome! Good luck and have fun!
You can’t be worse than me, I didn’t know what a sprocket was until fairly recently…
Remind me what your bike was again? I have a feeling it was a Fazer?

Aye, blue FZS1000 with red wheels :w00t: